FredAk Studio Production presents  



NO SAMPLES, NO CHEATING, NO RYTHMM LOOPS   (except 2 or 3 tracks)  

everything is hand made 




Part One : original material


In the begginning was the chaos  (maybe a GY!BE influence)

New Year Rock 2018  (maybe a Ted Nugent influence)


Kara Deniz  (Oriental Rock)

Nights of Lagos  (Fela Kuti's Afro Beat)

Black New York 1972  (Vintage funk)

Funky Jimi  (God Jimi's influence)

Pink Funk

Escape To The Dark Side Of the Moon  (early pink floyd's space rock influence)

I wish  (late pink floyd influence ?)

La musique à la fin d'un film romantique  (j'attends encore des propositions)

Musique de Film  (je cherche encore le film qui en voudra)

Sur Les Plateaux d'Ecosse, le berger médite  (romantic 70s prog rock)

The perpetual renewal  (this title sounds prog rock, doesn't it?)

Here comes the song  (nice little pop song)

Psychédélices  (kind of psychedelic folk rock)

Dub -dub -dub -dub -dub  (bluesy jazzy dubby)

Late at night in some joint in Mississippi  (slow blues)

Old Accoustic Rock-n-roll

Take 3  (jazz)(Dave Brubeck meets Django?)

Les Festoyments du Comte de Choisel en son chastel

Le Jerk (surprise partie)

Le Ska du lundi matin

musique de merde des annees 80

From Hazelhurst to Clarksdale  (what would it be without Robert Johnson?)

Saturday Night in Texas  (basic rythm'n'blues)

Pattes d'eph et coupe afro  (funky seventies)

Streets of LA  (funky jazzy seventies)

Rapid Rap (JTF)

You want Funk you got it

California Latina

(toute ressemblance avec du Santana n'est que pure coïncidence)

(any similarity with Santana's style is a coincidence)

(Einige Ähnlichkeiten mit Santanas Stil ist purer Zufall)


Part Two : covers


NEW : Soul Sacrifice (Santana) - take 2 - oct 22 2023  (or Soul sacrified ?)

I am the Walrus (Beatles)

Lucy in the sky With Diamonds(Beatles)

While my guitar gently weeps(Beatles)

A Day in the Life (Beatles)

Across the universe (Beatles)

Dear prudence (Beatles)

Cry baby cry (Beatles)

Norwegian Wood (Beatles) by MacFred  (with kind of scottish accent)

I wanna be yourrr man(Beatles)

Roll Over Beethoven (Chuck-Berry)

Space Oddity (David-Bowie)

Sunday Morning (Velvet-Underground)  (recorded on the sunday morning following Lou Reed's death)

Wish You Were Here (Pink-Floyd)

Au Clair De La Lune


Ingredients - Zutaten - Ingrediënten : 


Guitars : 

- Epiphone Les Paul 

- Fender Stratocaster (japanese) 

- Fernandes Stratocaster type 

- Yamaha folk guitar 


Bass guitars :  

- Whale 

- accoustic bass on Yamaha PSR300 synthesizer 


Percussions and drums: 

- Yamaha PSR300 synthesizer 

(every key matches a drum set part : snare drum, hi hat, ..., it tooks me years to handle this properly  

- Bongos (Cuba) 

- Derbouka (Tunisian) 


All others noises (organs, piano, brass, ...) : 

- Yamaha PSR300 synthesizer 


And also : 

Marshall amp 40W 

Tascam DP32SD studio, Korg D4 mini studio, Zoom 2020, Wah Wah, Pedals  

My voice (sorry)  |